Heavy rain kills six, three missing in southern Japan – Times of India

TOKYO: Torrential rains triggered floods and landslides on Japan’s southwestern island of Kyushu, killing six people and rescue workers are searching for three missing, officials said on Tuesday.
Japan Meteorological Agency Lower-level warnings and advisories were downgraded to special warnings of heavy rain issued for northern parts of the island on Monday, but residents were urged to remain vigilant for further landslides.
Japan is the latest country to be hit by unusually heavy rain in various parts of the world in recent days, raising fresh fears about the pace of climate change.
“Municipalities are still investigating the number of casualties, … but we have received reports of three deaths, another three potentially related to the disaster, three missing and two minor injuries,” the chief Almirah Secretary hirokazu matsuno Told at a regular press conference.
The rain forced the tire maker bridgestone A company spokeswoman said operations at four factories in Kyushu were suspended on Monday, but operations had resumed at the plants as of Tuesday morning.