Here’s What the CEO of OpenAI Says About Remote Working for Tech

Last Update: May 05, 2023, 19:20 IST

Altman isn’t convinced about working remotely. here’s why

Remote working became the norm during the pandemic, but companies are slowly moving away from the trend.

Sam Altman, the mind behind OpenAI and its popular product ChatGPT says that now that the pandemic is over, so has the era of remote work. Altman clearly believes that people coming into an office and working in person can be a catalyst for creating new products.

They feel that working remotely creates confusion as people are meeting virtually and discussing plans. Altman was speaking at a session hosted by Stripe, where he pointed out that in order to allow a company to operate full-remote, you need technology to advance, and that, he says, hasn’t happened yet. .

Not only this, they feel that work from home is good in some subjects but mostly an experiment. “I think certainly one of the worst mistakes the tech industry has made in a long time was that everyone[thought they]could go full remote forever, and startups don’t need to stick together. . There was never going to be any loss of creativity. I would say the experiment is over on that, and the technology is not yet good enough for people to be completely remote forever, especially at startups,” he said in a session this week. Mentioned during

Altman and Co. are busy shaping the future of AI in the industry, and they’ve got big help from giants like Microsoft. But in recent weeks, many advocates have expressed concern about the development of AI and how it might affect humanity.

Google sees ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton leaving the company, ending his journey with a word of caution on the scope of AI.

He claimed that his exit from Google allows him to speak freely about the dangers of AI and warn the world about its dangers without hindrance from Google. Meanwhile, Altman and his team are busy developing ChatGPT into a force to be reckoned with that is already miles ahead of the competition. The AI ​​chatbot now supports third party plugins that use the Internet to find answers.

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