Here’s what the iPhone 14 Pro Max might look like – Times of India

a new set of schematics of iphone 14 pro max Leaked online. Originally shared on Baidu, the paper schematic has found its way to Twitter via leaker @ShrimpApplePro. Images are printed, with “iPhone 14 Pro Max” written at the top.
The new dimensions as per the schematic are similar to the previously leaked diagrams with the exception of the width of the phone, which as per the new leak is 78.78 mm (older leak says 77.58 mm). According to the new leak, iphone 14 pro Dimensions of the Max are 160.71mm x 78.78mm x 7.85mm (H x W x D), which, if true, would make it slightly thicker than this. iPhone 13 Pro Max (if we look at the second diagram) because the dimensions of 13 Pro Max are 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.65mm.

The thickness of the device in the schematics also accounts for the camera bump and hence, it is estimated to be 7.85mm. The camera bump could be around 4mm thick as the overall body thickness is 12.02mm. According to the schematics, it looks like Apple Might be interested in placing the bump on the device, rather than removing the camera from the device iphone 14 model, as suggested by earlier leaks.
The source of the diagrams is not yet known and for now, they are only available on Twitter. We expect to see more leaks as the launch of iphone 14 series draws near.