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Former US President Donald Trump made history on Thursday when he surrendered at a Georgia jail on charges of racketeering and conspiracy. After his surrender, he was arrested and jail authorities took a mug shot of Trump. This was the first time that a mug shot was taken of a former US president.
Trump faced official arrest on 13 charges within the southern state of Georgia.These charges were linked to his supposed endeavors to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election, a contest he did not win, ultimately conceding to the Democrat, Joe Biden.

Trump was released on $200,000 bond after surrender proceedings were completed. Under the terms of Trump’s bail arrangement, he concurred to refrain from issuing any form of “explicit or implicit intimidation” directed at co-defendants, witnesses, or unindicted individuals possibly involved in the conspiracy. This prohibition extends to social media updates or shares. Additionally, he committed to only liaise with potential witnesses regarding the case through legal representation.

In a span of 20 minutes, he finalized the procedure, adhering to the customary practice of furnishing officials with his physical attributes: 6 feet 3 inches in height, weighing 215 pounds, and sporting strawberry-blond hair.
Trump was identified as inmate no. P01135809, according to Fulton County Jail records.
This was the fourth time that the former US President surrendered before authorities. But his visit to Atlanta was notably different from the three past surrenders. And unlike in other cities that did not require him to pose for a mug shot, a booking photo of him was taken.
“What has taken place here is a travesty of justice,” he told reporters. “I did nothing wrong, and everybody knows it.”
This arrest marks Trump’s fourth criminal indictment since April, setting the stage for a year of extraordinary legal proceedings as he navigates multiple court appearances alongside another potential White House campaign.
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