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generative ai Has caught the fancy of almost every tech company. chatgpt was the flag bearer but now there is a race to integrate oh and use it in the most efficient way. There has been an underlying fear that generative AI will eventually eliminate a lot of jobs and has people worried. A group that’s worried about jobs being killed, but AI affects how much they earn Hollywood Writers. The Writers Guild of America is currently waging a ‘war’ against Hollywood studios and production houses demanding better working conditions. According to a report by Engadget, one of the many issues is the use of generative AI.

Words are words and words are…

“The immediate fear of AI is not that the work of us writers will be replaced by artificially generated content,” C Robert Cargill, a WGA member and author, said in a tweet. He stated that “It’s that we’ll be paid less for rewriting garbage that we could have done better from the start. The WGA is opposing it and that’s what the studios want.
According to Engadget, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers released a statement saying “the best stories are original, insightful and often come from people’s own experiences. AI is difficult, important, creative and legal for everyone.” raises questions.”
In the statement, AMPTP said it wants authors to use the technology as part of their creative process, but “without changing how credits are determined, which complicates AI content cannot be copyrighted.” “
This is a worrying sign for writers as generative AI can whip up rough material in a jiffy. Arguments can be made on the quality of the content but it can get the job done, so to speak. In the statement, AMPTP said that AI-generated content of any kind “shall not be eligible for credit writing.”