Hostel warden in Arunachal accused of sexually assaulting 21 children | Guwahati News – Times of India

Guwahati: A Hostel Warden of a government residential school in Arunachal Pradesh found guilty of allegedly sexually abusing six boys and 15 children girlsSix of whom were also raped between 2019 and 2022.
These children, who were under his care in the school dormitory Together In the Shi-yomi district, they ranged in age from six to 14. Yumken Bagra (33), the warden allegedly committed the series of crimes. Arunachal Pradesh Superintendent of Police (SIT) Rohit Rajbir Singh This was revealed to the media at the state police headquarters in Itanagar on Wednesday. He said that four of the victims also attempted suicide.
“Bagra is currently out on bail granted by the special court in Yupia. We are tracking his movements and informing the District Superintendents of Police as we do not want him to repeat his crimes elsewhere. We are hoping that the court will start his trial soon,” said Singh.
“We want justice for all the victims of this heinous crime. Six of these 21 victims were children who were victims of persistent severe penetrative sexual abuse. Other male and female students were sexually assaulted by the accused in different ways,” said the SP.
The SIT came to know of Bagra’s crimes after it began probing a complaint of sexual harassment filed by the parents of two sisters at Monigong police station in Shi-yomi district on November 1 last year. Bagra then fled but was arrested 13 days later in Papu Nala area near Naharlagun.
Singh said, “We could have filed a charge sheet on the complaint and statement of the sisters and charged the arrested accused, but our intention was to give justice to all the victims and find more victims who are silent and not coming forward.” He said that during the investigation since November, “we found more victims who came forward to file complaints. We also got evidence.” The SP said the victims told how the warden used to show them porn clips. The SP said, “We have recovered obscene videos from the phones of the accused.”
Bagra was working as a warden at the school from 2014 to 2022 and the police suspect that there could be more victims of his attack. The SP appealed to all the victims of Bagra to come forward and promised them that their identity would be kept confidential. The SP said, “We believe that in this long tenure of eight years, this accused has assaulted many more children as we have received complaints only from 2019 to 2022 batch students.” The SIT also arrested a person named O Pertin for allegedly giving shelter to Bagra while he was on the run. But he is also out on bail.