How iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature helped save a car that fell into a valley – Times of India

The life saving feature of the iPhone 14 — the emergency sos via satellite And car accident detection — proving to be helpful for both end users and first responders. While we have seen many incidents where detection of a car accident saved many lives, recently, there have been incidents when emergency SOS iphone 14 Saved the lives of people trapped in serious trouble.
A car with two passengers went off a Los Angeles highway, and one of the two had an iPhone 14 that recorded the crash. Although passengers were able to exit the car, trapped 300 feet down a canyon, there was no cell reception, but Emergency SOS connected victims to first responders via the iPhone 14’s satellite feature shortly after registering the crash . ,
Sends SOS from 300 feet deep valley
With Emergency SOS via satellite, the victim with the iPhone 14 sent a text message to the relay center. Then the center contacted the local station of montrose search and rescue team, dispatching fire fighting units, patrolling and air rescue 5 Special Enforcement Bureau – LASD team.
The Montrose Search and Rescue team noted that the relay center provided them with the exact latitude and longitude of the victims, leading to the successful air rescue of two victims, a man and woman in their 20s, to a nearby hospital with light to moderate injuries.
This is the first instance of the two features – Car Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite – working together. In addition to using emergency SOS explicitly, emergency SOS via satellite is used to communicate to first responders in case there is no cellular and WiFi network to detect a car accident, but satellite connectivity is accessible. Is.
The first use of the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite was in Alaska, where a stranded snowmobiler was rescued from an isolated area.
Emergency SOS via satellite was first introduced in the US and Canada, and recently the feature was rolled out to iPhone 14 users in the UK, France, Germany, and Ireland.