‘I’m So Middle Class’: Guy Who Thought ‘H&M is a Luxury Brand’ Sparks Conversation on Twitter

Last Update: January 16, 2023, 4:03 pm

Man’s Comment Considering ‘H&M’ a Luxury Brand Makes Indian Twitter Ask ‘What?’ (Photo Credits: shutterstock/twitter/@notanetizen)

The Twitter user’s comment, ‘I’m so middle class that till now I used to think H&M was a luxury brand’, resonated with desi people who started coming to post their thoughts online.

Which is your favorite fashion brand? While some would say it’s Zara or H&M, others would opt for more affordable options like Westside, Max, Pantaloons, etc. It is the price factor that decides the choice as well as the viable clothing brand for an individual. Again, for some, fashion is a ‘luxury’ while for others it is a ‘necessity’. This discourse recently took on social media when a user commented on how she thought fast fashion clothing brand, H&M, was a luxury brand.

Twitter user, J, took to the site to comment, “I’m so middle class I used to think H&M was a luxury brand until now”. His remarks resonated with the countrymen who started flocking to post their thoughts online. “Even Zara is not a luxury brand,” highlighted one user while another humorously commented, “It is supposed to be a cheap brand offering fast fashion”. Some users who literally felt the same way (like Jai) were sent into shock after the tweet caught the eye of many internet users. Half the answers (or questions) read, “isn’t it???”.

If that wasn’t enough, someone quipped, “Main toh McD ko bhi luxury manta hoon (I find McD also luxurious).” Are you the one who thinks, ‘My whole life was a lie?’ Don’t worry, now you know you are not alone!

In the massively flooded comments section, a tweep also explained, “Fast fashion in USA is a luxury in India. Like almost everyone and their dogs have an iPhone or a car in the USA, they are considered a luxury in India.”

For the unaware, fast fashion describes trendy but low-quality products that move quickly from design to retail store in order to meet trends in the industry. Zara and H&M are currently the two giant brands in the field of fast fashion.

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