Imran Khan’s British ex-wife tweets about his release, Pakistanis react

Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan were in a high-profile wedding. (file)


Imran Khan’s ex-wife and filmmaker Jemima Goldsmith has expressed happiness over the release of the former prime minister from the custody of the country’s anti-corruption watchdog, which has won hearts of many Pakistanis.

Some Pakistanis have even questioned Khan’s decision to divorce her because of Jemima’s pro-Imran tweet, reported The Express Tribune Newspaper,

Though Jemima did not speak about the initial arrest, her pro-Imran tweet is now in the news after the Supreme Court declared the manner of his arrest illegal as Pakistanis have always been “supporters” of the 49-year-old UK-based Imran. Are. producer, said the report.

Attaching a screenshot of the news of Khan’s release, Jemima tweeted, “Ultimately sanity wins.”

The 70-year-old Khan was arrested on Tuesday from the premises of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) by paramilitary Rangers personnel on a warrant from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The IHC on Friday granted protective bail to Khan for two weeks in a corruption case and barred authorities from arresting him in any case registered anywhere in the country till Monday.

Always ready to send Imran and Jemima up, Pakistanis saw this as an opportunity to applaud the filmmaker and reminisce about the days when she was the nation’s sister-in-law.

A Twitter user drew a comparison between Jemima and Imran and Lily and Snape from Harry Potter. One Twitter user wrote, “He is ‘always’ even after all this time.”

Another user of the microblogging site wrote, “Imran Khan is a born winner. He is bound to win, God willing. The single biggest loss in his life is his.”

According to The Express Tribune, there could be several reasons for Jemima’s popularity among Pakistanis.

Firstly, her marriage to Imran, who is widely admired in Pakistan as a cricketing legend and a prominent political figure, contributed to her visibility and acceptance within the country.

Jemima’s association with her ex-husband helped foster positive feelings towards him.

Secondly, Jemima is actively associated with various charitable and philanthropic initiatives in Pakistan.

He showed genuine interest in the welfare of the Pakistani people and worked on projects related to education, health care and social development.

His dedication to these causes resonated with many Pakistanis, who appreciated his efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged communities.

Additionally, Jemima’s respectful approach to Pakistani culture and traditions endeared her to the local population, the report said.

Despite being from a different cultural background, he adapted to the Pakistani lifestyle and adapted himself to the customs of the country.

This earned him the respect and admiration of Pakistanis, who appreciated his willingness to embrace their culture, wrote the paper.

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