India, US may allow cos to take part in govt deals – Times of India

JAIPUR: India and the US are looking to settle a remaining trade dispute to remove another irritant, while seeking to enhance their partnership by allowing companies from both countries to participate in government contracts.
The two issues are expected to be discussed during a meeting between commerce & industry minister Piyush Goyal and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai over the weekend. During PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington, India and the US had deci ded to resolve six trade disputes, that had been lingering on at WTO. Now they intend to settle their tussle over poultry products, a top official said. The poultry case was filed by the US against India in WTO in 2012. India has lost the dispute both at the panel as well as the appellate body levels. It was ruled against India that New Delhi’s ban on imports of poultry products from the US was inconsistent with global norms. As India was not able to implement the decision within the stipulated time frame, the US had demanded compensation. Now both countries are discussing ways to resolve the case mutually.
During Modi’s US visit in June, the joint statement had noted India’s interest towards being recognised as a Trade Agreements Actdesignated country by the US to further enhance the integration of both economies and promote bilateral trade and investment. “We also want to be part of their process, they also want us to be a part of our process,” an official said on the issue of government procurement.