India’s population is more than that of China: every sixth person in the world is Indian; Mamta said to BJP – prove the claim, I will resign

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India is now the most populous country in the world. According to the report of the United Nations Population Fund, the population of India is 142 crore 86 lakh. On the other hand, the population of China is 29 lakh less than ours i.e. 142 crore 57 lakh. In the country’s 142 crore population, the number of children from newborn to 14 years of age is 25%, the number of people from 15 to 64 years is 68%. While the number of elders above 65 years is 7%.

8 billion people live around the world. At the same time, 17.6% of the world’s population lives in India, from this point of view, every sixth person in the world is an Indian. The UN has been releasing population data in the world since 1950. This is the first time since then that the population of India has exceeded that of China. The UN had predicted last year that by next year, India would overtake China in terms of population.

On the other hand, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said – If someone proves that I called Home Minister Amit Shah and talked about saving TMC’s national party status, then I will resign from the post. Recently, the Election Commission had abolished the national party status of Trinamool Congress. After this, Leader of Opposition in Bengal Suvendu Adhikari had said that Mamta had requested Amit to cancel this decision.

Today’s major events, which will be watched

  1. Surat court to pronounce verdict on Rahul Gandhi’s application in defamation case.
  2. Hearing in Delhi High Court on Manish Sisodia’s bail plea in CBI case.
  3. Competition between Punjab-Bengaluru and Delhi-Kolkata in IPL.

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1. India is the most populous country, China has twice as many people over the age of 65 as India.

India is now the most populous country in the world. India has 25% (about 350 million) population below the age of 14 years. In China this figure is 17% (24 crore). India has 68% (about 970 million) people in the age group of 15 to 64 years. In China this figure is 69% (98 crore). There are 7% i.e. about 100 million people above 65 years of age in India. At the same time, in China this figure is 14% (about 200 million).

Although the average life expectancy in China is better than India. The average age of men in China is 76 years and the average age of women is 82 years. Whereas in India the average age of men is 74 years and the average age of women is only 71 years. China’s birth rate has declined for the first time since the 1950s. Here the birth rate in 2021 was 7.52%. Which reduced to 6.77% in 2022.
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2. Mamta said – If the allegation is proved, I will resign, warning of legal action against the officer
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that if the BJP proves the allegation, I will resign. Mamta said that the name of my party will remain All India Trinamool Congress. The Election Commission had last week withdrawn the national party status of TMC, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Communist Party of India (CPI). TMC is now a state level party.

On the other hand, TMC MP Derek O’Brien has written a letter to Suvendu Adhikari and asked him to withdraw his statement immediately. According to Brian, if this does not happen, the party will be bound to take legal action against the officer and Amit Shah. Adhikari had joined the BJP ahead of the 2021 Bengal assembly elections. He defeated Mamta in Nandigram seat by 1,956 votes.
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3. Atiq-Ashraf murder case: 5 policemen suspended, Congress leader placed tricolor on Atiq’s grave

Three days after the Atiq-Ashraf murder case, 5 policemen have been suspended in Prayagraj. Police has taken this action after SIT’s inquiry. The three shooters who fired at Atiq and Ashraf have been sent on 4-day police remand by Prayagraj’s CJM court. On the other hand, the Prayagraj police has arrested Asad Kalia, the shooter of the Atiq gang and carrying a reward of Rs 50,000.

Congress leader and councilor candidate at Atiq’s grave in Prayagraj Rajkumar Rajju hoisted the tricolor, Also raised slogans of ‘Atik Bhai Amar Rahe’. Rajju also talked about giving Bharat Ratna and martyr status to Atiq. The police have arrested him. At the same time, the City Congress Committee issued a letter and expelled him from the party for 6 years. Along with this, the corporator’s ticket has also been withdrawn.
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4. Same Sex Marriage: The petitioner said – People think that we are not normal; This is just their thinking, not the law
The petitions demanding legal recognition of same sex marriage will be heard in the Supreme Court for the third consecutive day today. In the hearing held earlier, the central government filed a new affidavit and asked the court to make the states and union territories a party in the case. The Center also asked the states to give their views on the matter in 10 days.

At the same time, the petitioners said in the court – people feel that we are not normal, but this is not a law, it is just a thought. If we are equal, then we should get permission from the court that we and you are equal and you will not be considered less than anyone, there will be no double standard treatment. In such a situation, we will be able to enjoy the right to privacy and life in our homes.
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5. North Korea will launch the first spy satellite, US-Sa. Korea’s military action will be monitored

North Korea is going to launch its first spy satellite. Dictator Kim Jong has ordered to launch it. However, the launch date has not been revealed. Kim Jong, who visited his space agency, said, ‘This spy will help in increasing the capacity related to satellite intelligence. America is deploying its weapons, aircraft and nuclear bombers in South Korea.

Kim Jong said, ‘It is natural for us to increase our military strength. America is constantly trying to strengthen its hold in the region. He wants to use South Korea as his base for war. This is a threat to our security. On December 18 last year, North Korea tested the last phase of the spy satellite. Then it was announced to be launched in April.
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  1. First glimpse of Maa Kamakhya Corridor: CM Himanta releases digital blue print; PM had said- Corridor will be built like Kashi and Mahakal (Read full news)
  2. CBI registers case against Oxfam India: Evidence was found of receiving donations from abroad by breaking FCRA law (Read full news)
  3. Temperature crosses 40 degrees in 10 states – Heatwave in 7 states: Rain expected in MP-Rajasthan, Rally banned in open places in Maharashtra in the afternoon (Read full news)
  4. Bengal teacher recruitment scam, documents found burning in the open: Investigation agencies suspected of erasing evidence, CBI collected samples (Read full news)
  5. President of Nepal reached Delhi for treatment: health deteriorated for the second time in a month, AIIMS was brought from Kathmandu (Read full news)

News but aside…

Children married to dogs in Odisha, rituals to ward off evil spirits

Two minor children were married to dogs in Balasore, Odisha. 11-year-old Tapan Singh was married to a female dog and 7-year-old Lakshmi was married to a male dog. People believe that by doing this evil spirits go away. If there is any bad omen, it will be transferred to the dogs as soon as they get married.

When both the children started teething, first the teeth came in the upper jaw. It was only then that his family started looking for dogs because it was believed that the first tooth appearing in the upper jaw was a bad omen. As soon as he got male and female dogs, he got both the children married to them. After this a feast was organized for the whole community. Read full news…

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