Influencer Post Gun Pic slams when asked about her favorite thing about the US

His post comes two days after nine people were killed in a mass shooting in the US

An Australian influencer is facing a backlash on social media after telling her Instagram followers that the best thing about America is its guns. informed of. On Monday, OnlyFans creator, Mikaela Testa, was participating in a Q&A when a follower asked what her favorite thing about America was.

Answering the question, she simply replied with a photo of herself holding a gun at a shooting range, indicating that guns are her favorite thing in America.


Soon, controversy erupted after a watchdog account Influencer UpdatesAU took a picture of her. Significantly, this post of his came only after 2 days. nine people died When a gunman opened fire at a crowded mall in Dallas, Texas.

Her controversial stance angered a lot of Instagram users and slammed her in the aftermath of the American tragedy.

One user said, ‘The best part of America are guns? A few days ago there was a mass shooting in a shopping mall. Nine killed including children, seven others injured I don’t care if she wants me dead but promoting guns in America is just stupid.”

“That’s so far from reality,” wrote another fan. Many came to his support, even saying that he meant gun range and not gun violence.

Responding to the backlash, Ms. Testa posted a comment on the Influencer Watchdog account that read, “How controversial is this? I love shooting ranges and Vegas… why would I ever talk about gun violence?

We both know that nothing I say or do will be enough to make you guys happy. I wouldn’t bother deleting or even communicating with anyone who follows this page because we all know why you’re here.

The influencer reportedly earns over $162,000 a month selling X-rated images and videos on the adult subscription platform OnlyFans.