Italian woman with back pain left paralyzed due to rare disorder

Fortunately, Ms. Mattei is now on the road to recovery.

A 25-year-old Italian woman suffering from back pain has been left paralyzed due to a rare disorder. newsweek informed of.

According to the report, Aurora Mattei’s facial muscles and body became paralyzed over the course of only three months, requiring intubation to breathe. Doctors at Viterbo’s Belcole Hospital eventually diagnosed him with an extremely rare condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Fortunately, Ms Mattei is now on the road to recovery, and has started learning to walk again locally Republic informed of.

According to National Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeGuillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is a rare neurological disorder in which your immune system mistakenly attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. GBS can range from a very mild case with brief periods of weakness to almost devastating paralysis, leaving you unable to breathe independently.

Although most people recover completely from Guillain-Barré syndrome, some severe cases can be fatal. It is estimated that this disorder affects approximately one in 100,000 people each year. About 7.5 percent of those affected die each year, often due to complications such as infection, blood clots, and heart failure.

Symptoms of this condition initially begin with tingling, numbness and muscle weakness in the hands and feet, before spreading to the hands and feet. There is no known cure for Guillain-Barré syndrome, but a number of treatments can ease symptoms and shorten the duration of the disease.

This disorder can affect anyone and it can occur at any age. The exact cause of GBS is not known.