It’s time to give up on the first generation Google Chromecast: Here’s why

Last Update: May 31, 2023, 5:45 PM IST

United States of America, USA)

This 10 year old model got a long rope from Google

Google’s first Chromecast had a bulky design and only offered casting features.

Google Chromecast is the popular casting tool that has been around for many years and this week the company confirmed that it will no longer support the first-gen Chromecast model that came out in 2013.

So if you are still using the first generation model then you will not get any more official updates from Google which makes it vulnerable to attacks and other performance issues. Losing official support also means Google is now looking to upgrade these folks to the latest version, which includes both Full HD and 4K options.

The company has shared updates about the first-gen Chromecast via its support page Back in April this year, where it says, “Support has ended for Chromecast (1st generation), which means these devices no longer receive software or security updates, and Google doesn’t provide technical support for them.” Users may notice a drop in performance.”

The last update for Chromecast was released last November, the first update after a three-year drought.

We are in 2023 and 10 years of support for a device is quite an achievement considering most phones in the market lose official support by 5 years. Either way, technology has evolved quite dramatically since the first generation Chromecast arrived, and newer devices also run on a new platform called Google TV.

Chromecast was launched in 2013 for $35 (roughly Rs. 2,360 at that time) and came with 512GB of RAM and 2GB of storage. It looked like a bulky key with a Chromecast HDMI port and a microUSB interface to power the device. These days, Chromecast will cost you around Rs 4,000 in the market and to be fair, it is much more powerful and feature-rich than the previous versions of Chromecast brought to the market by Google.