JMC-G directs officials to seal open wires before monsoon to curb accidents Jaipur News – Times of India

Jaipur: The chairman of the lighting committee at JMC-Greater has directed the officials to fix all loose wires first. monsoonEspecially in parks. Strict instructions were given to prevent electrocution.
The Chairman of the Lighting Committee has also given instructions to the officers to ensure repair and maintenance of lights in all the wards equally.
Sukhpreet Bansal, chairperson of the street light committee, said, “No survey has been conducted by the municipal corporation to check the number of lights in different wards. There are complaints about lights not working or theft, but proper action is not taken. The authorities should start working on the maintenance of the lights before the monsoon season to prevent accidents.”
The chairperson has directed that open wires, lights inside parks, lights on footpaths, all should be checked and repair work done.
“An unfortunate incident like Gaurav Keswani’s death should not happen again and a survey should be done with councilors of different wards. Bansal said that the company in charge of installing the lights should also check what kind of work they are doing and be paid accordingly.