Kapil Sibal urges PM Modi to reveal proposal for Uniform Civil Code

Rajya Sabha MP and veteran Congress leader Kapil Sibal said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi The country should be told what is proposed uniform civil code ,UCC,

talking to YearSibal said, “First of all the Prime Minister should tell the country what is the proposal. UCC And on what issues does he want uniformity. There is no need for a debate (on UCC) until a proposal is put forth. The Civil Code of Uttarakhand cannot be implemented in the whole country. People are not fully aware of the law, but discussions are on.”

Earlier on June 27, PM Modi expressed his support UCC and stressed the importance of having a single set of laws for the entire country. He highlighted the principle of Equality enshrined in the Constitution of India and questioned the feasibility of having separate rules for different members of the family.

PM Modi said, “Will a family run if there are two different rules for people? How will a country run? Our constitution also guarantees equal rights to all people.”

during a press conference in Delhi Justice (retd) Ranjana Prakash DesaiThe head of the panel announced that the draft of the proposed UCC for Uttarakhand is ready and will be submitted to the state government in the near future.

According to India Today, the Center is considering introducing a bill on implementing the UCC during the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament. The UCC Bill is likely to be referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee, which will seek inputs from various stakeholders on the issue of Uniform Civil Code.

LiveMint could not independently verify the report.

On 14 June, the Law Commission of India invited the public and recognized religious organizations to provide their views and opinions on the Uniform Civil Code. This step shows the commitment of the Commission to examine the issue in a comprehensive manner.

(with inputs from agencies)

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Updated: July 01, 2023, 01:28 PM IST