Karan Johar slams trolls with a cryptic post after being accused of sending Alia Bhatt to Met Gala 2023. Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Karan Johar Is no stranger to trolls. Filmmakers often land in hot water, whether it is about launching star kids or their statements. He recently found himself at the receiving end of trolls after the Indian designer Prabal Gurung shared how he met Alia Bhatt Through him. And looks like Karan has finally broken his silence accusing trollers of sending with things To met gala 2023,
He shared a cryptic note on Instagram which read, “Dear Rai, I know you work 365 days a year.. constantly…

In his long Instagram post, Prabal talked about Alia’s first appearance met gala And how he met her for the first time at Karan’s 40th birthday party. “I had heard great reviews about him through him and my brother Pravesh, who was assisting him on Karan’s debut film. When I met him I was instantly taken in by him. A little instinct that The fire within was evident to all of us. Film after film, he has surpassed everyone’s expectations and enthralled us with his creative genius. He is a powerhouse performer. For me, he is the most we have around the world. One of the finest actors, but above all, she is a friend, a best friend, and a loyalist; that’s what makes her so special,” read her post.

He further added, “We’ve talked about a mate moment for a long time. I’ve invited her before, but she’s always been wise enough to say let’s wait. This time though, she felt It was the right moment so she said yes and we went into our wildest fantasies creating a tribute with Anita carl One that celebrated my heritage (100,000 pearls hand-embroidered in Mumbai), my love for Karl (he’s my boss, and yes he gave me my CVFF award 😊) and all made in New York. For me, the Chanel Couture brides have been the most iconic brides in fashion. so we chose Claudia SchifferA 1992 Chanel bridal look as an inspiration. And the rest is history.”