Karnataka BJP condemns suspension of 10 MLAs: ‘No confidence issued…’

The political heat escalated in Karnataka on Wednesday when 10 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs were suspended from the assembly for allegedly throwing papers at Deputy Speaker Rudrappa Lamani. The incident took place amid an uproar in the assembly, during which BJP legislators were protesting against the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in the state for misuse of IAS officers, who welcomed leaders of other parties during the opposition meeting in Bengaluru. Was.

Following this act, Assembly Speaker UT Khadar reportedly suspended BJP MLAs Dhiraj Muniraj, Umanath Kotian, Arvind Belad, Yashpal Suvarna, Vedvyas Kamath, R Ashok, Sunil Kumar, Araga Gyanendra, Bharat Shetty and Ashwath Narayan.

Karnataka BJP MLA and former state minister CN Ashwath Narayan, who was one of the suspended legislators, said he has issued a no-confidence motion against the speaker.

Karnataka BJP MLA and former state minister CN Ashwath Narayan, after being suspended 9 times from the assembly, said, “Today is a black day, despite being on the right side, we have been suspended. We have issued a no-confidence motion against the speaker.” ” Other MLAs

‘Black day for democracy’: Basavaraj Bommai

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai Called it a stigma for democracy and said that the suspension of BJP MLAs reflects the dictatorship of the Congress government and we will fight for the rights of the suspended MLAs.

“It is a black day for democracy. Democracy was murdered today. They (10 BJP MLAs) have been suspended for their small agitation. Former Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on suspension of 10 BJP leaders: We will fight for the rights of suspended MLAs.

“Democracy was murdered in the assembly today. This shows the dictatorship of the Congress government, they have suspended our 10 MLAs without any reason. We have issued a motion of no confidence against the speaker. Bommai said, we will take this fight to the people.

The issue of IAS officers receiving opposition leaders raised tensions between the parties in Karnataka with both the BJP and the JD(S) criticizing the Congress-ruled government over the issue. Chief Minister Siddharamaiah Clarified that the Karnataka government had no role in the opposition meeting.

“Chief ministers of various states and former Union ministers who arrived in Bengaluru were treated as state guests. Officials were appointed only to welcome all the dignitaries as per etiquette. Apart from this, the state government has no role in this event. Siddaramaiah said, this kind of courtesy was seen in all previous governments.

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Updated: July 19, 2023, 09:17 PM IST