Kirandeep wants to go to Khanda’s funeral: Khalistan supporter Amritpal’s wife said – Government of India and government agencies are preventing her from going

Amritsarjust moments ago

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Kirandeep Kaur, wife of Amritpal Singh.

Kirandeep Kaur, wife of Amritpal Singh, lodged in Dibrugarh Jail, Waris Punjab De K Mukhi, was stopped from going to England for the third time last day. Kirandeep Kaur has alleged that she is being prevented from attending the funeral of terrorist Avtar Singh Khanda. However, he does not know when and where Khanda’s rites are being performed.

Releasing her statement, Kirandeep Kaur said- I have been stopped from going to England for the third time, because according to the law I had to enter 180 days before. During April people thought I was running away back to England, going back to one’s home cannot be called running away. As a British citizen, different rules apply to me.

Booked a flight a month ago in the month of June for 14th July. Till morning at the time of departure, I was being told that there is no difficulty or problem in my departure. Then a few hours before boarding time I was asked not to leave. Requested me to wait for few days till 18th. So, I booked a flight for 19th July.

Government and agencies are preventing from participating in the rites

Kirandeep Kaur said- No officer spoke to me directly or clearly. They don’t want me to attend Avtar Singh Khanda’s funeral. I don’t even know when and where the funeral is taking place. The government is assuming that I will go there and give a speech. They fear that I will “start a movement”. It is the government and agencies that are stopping me from leaving the country.
Efforts continue under human rights
Amritpal Singh’s wife Kirandeep further said- I am trying to travel under law and human rights just to meet my family. My visit was for a week or two, I have no intention of staying there for long, my priority is my husband.
Officials say that there is LOC (Look Out Circular) related issue here but I am not being provided any document to show that there is any LOC. If yes then on what grounds and why are they refusing to show me. If not, they can’t stop me from leaving the country.

Allegations of being associated with Babbar Khalsa

Kirandeep Kaur has been in controversies even before becoming Amritpal’s wife. Security agencies had received inputs around the marriage that Kirandeep Kaur herself is associated with the Babbar Khalsa. A few years ago, she was caught collecting funds for the banned group Babbar Khalsa in England.

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