KK’s wife Jyoti Krishna took a picture of the late singer, said ‘Miss you sweetheart’

Singer KK died of a heart attack in Kolkata in May this year. He had performed a concert in the city, after which he fell ill and died before he could be taken to the hospital. His death shook everyone and one could only imagine what his family must be going through. Now, KK’s wife Jyoti Krishna snapped a picture of them together.

Jyoti took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself with KK, which she herself has painted. Captioning it, she wrote, “Trying to paint again, miss you sweetheart.” Check out the post here:

Many fans took to the comments to appreciate the picture. One fan wrote, ‘Painting tells everything…Very beautiful.’ Another fan wrote, “Salute to this masterpiece ma’am. God bless you.” One of the comments also read, “Amazing painting ma’am..sir is always with you..stay strong..God bless you all..”

Jyoti also painted another picture of KK and shared it a few days back. The caption on the post read, “I finished painting it yesterday. My dear friends Sindhu and Kapil had commissioned me for this work. I was given the freedom to work at my own pace. Sindhu understands me so well, she knows that I can complete a painting in anywhere from 3 days to 3 months to maybe a year. I captured this moment when I saw K perform in Leicestershire a few years back. The energy he sheds with his voice. Can be pigmented for me only with shades. Sindhu and Kapil have made me feel honored by my desire to decorate my wall with a painting of my favorite singer.

KK and Jyoti were childhood friends, who got married in 1991 before KK began her singing career. They have two children- son Nakul and daughter Tamara.

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