Koyta-gang attacks medical store in Pune: enters shop with knife, beats up staff; 100 such incidents in Maharashtra in 4 months

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Pune3 hours ago

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The Koyta gang vandalized the medical store and walked out threatening the staff.

The Koyta gang has been very active in Pune-Pimpri cities of Maharashtra for the last few days. On Saturday, a gang barged into a medical store in Pimpri town and attacked its employees. They also ransacked the medical store. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media.

In this 47-second video, it can be seen that six people of Koyta gang enter a medical store and start fighting with the staff. They had big knives in their hands and a white cloth was tied over their faces. They then walk out threatening the staff. The gang also vandalized some vehicles in Kamgar Nagar area before entering the medical store.

The gang barged into the medical store and assaulted the staff.

The gang barged into the medical store and assaulted the staff.

100 cases were reported in four months
Police officials say that such gangs have been reported active in Pune as well. Around 100 such cases have been reported in Maharashtra in the last four months. The gang members scare people with weapons that look like knives, that’s why they are called Koyta gangs.

Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis had in January ordered the police to take strict action against the gang. Not only this, the issue was also raised in the state assembly. Even after this, the Koyta gang is still active in some districts of Maharashtra.

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