Kozhikode Medical College Union accuses police of ‘moral policing’

The students’ union at the Government Medical College, Kozhikode, has accused a section of police personnel, who are on patrolling duty outside the women’s hostels, of misbehaving with girl students.

In a complaint given to the Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Medical College Police Station, Hina Hanan, General Secretary of the College Union, said on Saturday that the personnel deployed on police patrolling duty were asking unnecessary questions to the girl students for the last few days. After asking for their names and other personal information, they were being told not to step out at odd hours.

Ms. Hanan pointed out that after a recent legal battle, students were still being allowed to go out of the hostel for essential work after 9.30 pm. Even the government had relaxed earlier restrictions. He claimed that the police forcing girl students to return to the hostel smacks of moral policing and is unacceptable.

Demanding action against those officers, he said that it was unfortunate that the policemen deployed for the safety of the students were behaving like this.