Lack of maintenance affects local waste processing units. Thiruvananthapuram News – Times of India

Thiruvananthapuram: The municipal corporation which is pushing for smart ways of introducing digital solid waste management system (SWM) under the smart city project, cuts a sorry figure in terms of community waste processing system. As per the data in the tender document of Digital swm system, only 52% aerobic bins and 12% biogas plants are currently operational in the city. 513 aerobic bins and 25 biogas plants were installed at various places in the city. because of Shortage Of maintenanceMany of them are now defunct.
Recently the biogas plant of Srikaryam plant exploded due to pressure, spilling the entire slurry on the road, leading to public outrage. Vehicles passed over the mud, causing inconvenience to pedestrians. A pungent smell also spread in the area, causing distress to shopkeepers and residents.
Earlier, the civic body had conceived a plan to revive community biogas plants set up across the city. A health wing report in 2016 pointed out that eight out of 14 community biogas plants were not functional and importantly, the corporation had not entered into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with any of the 14 agencies that set them up.
Failure to prepare AMC resulted in breakdown of several units. In 2014, the corporation got technical clearance from the Suchitwa Mission to set up aerobic bins in the city following a controversy over the delay in granting approval for the project. Approval was given to install 388 aerobic bins at a cost of Rs 1.75 crore.
The health committee often failed to make a proper plan for the maintenance of dustbins, which was very important for the success of the project. The officials failed to pre-collect dry leaves, a vital component for the aerobic bins, leading to complete shutdown of the aerobic bins during the rains. Even otherwise, most aerobic bins were worn out due to lack of maintenance and garbage dumped around the bins.
The Municipal Corporation has recently decided to carry out maintenance work of aerobic bins in 100 wards at a cost of Rs 44.92 lakh. However, no concrete steps have been taken so far. After the failure of the aerobic bins at Palayam market, the corporation has now entrusted the task of bio-mining the old waste to Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited.
In 2017, the municipal corporation started rectifying technical glitches and redesigning decentralized waste management units. The hasty pace with which it launched the ‘My City Clean City Project’ and announced clean wards in 2016, has left serious gaps in the units. In many places the units were set up directly on the landfills. Many units had cracks in the floors due to rats or poor design.