Leader of Opposition writes letter to Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on restoration of places of historical importance. Goa News – Times of India

Panaji: Leader of the Opposition in the Goa Legislative Assembly, Yuri Alemao, has written a letter to the Chief Minister. Pramod Sawant Appealed to him to expand the renovation and renovation plan of temples places of historical importance Forts, churches, mosques and religious relics.
Although the government has made specific reference to the restoration of temples, Alemao said, other sites of historical importance are low on its priority list.
“The Minister of Archives and Archeology has publicly stated that the scheme launched by the government is only for temples and will not apply to churches or mosques,” Alemao said in the letter.
He said the government should not discriminate against other sites of historical importance while spending state funds on restoration works.
Monuments of historical importance such as Sardar’s Memorial at Cuncolim, Lohia Maidan at Margao, Martyr’s Memorial at Asolna and Patradevi as well as other sites associated with the liberation of Goa are yearning for attention, he said.
He said that the forts at Betul, Chapora, Kolwale as well as other places also needed to be restored, renovated and preserved before they fell into complete ruin.
“During the second session of the Goa Legislative Assembly, the House was assured that steps would be taken for the protection, conservation and maintenance of the mentioned sites. But till date, no action has been taken,” Alemao said.