Liberian national arrested for raping Zimbabwean student in Punjab. Ludhiana News – Times of India

Ludhiana: The Khanna police on Tuesday evening arrested a Liberian student for allegedly raping a Zimbabwean student at a rented accommodation.
The accused is a civil engineering student in a local college and lived in the same locality of Khanna as the complainant.
The complainant, who lodged her complaint through the in-charge of the International Cell of the university, stated that on the night of April 17, she was sitting outside when the accused called her to the room where his other brothers were drinking. She said that they offered her the same but she refused.
The complainant told the police that she was feeling hungry and the accused told her that they can go to her room where she can cook food. She said that she did not see any problem in him cooking at her house as she treated him as a friend.
She alleged that when they reached her house, she started cooking chicken and she insisted to stand in the kitchen but he requested her to come as he wanted to discuss something with her. She said that the accused told her that he loved her but she told him that he could not reciprocate her feelings as she was in a relationship with someone.
The complainant told the police that the accused went berserk and assaulted her. She said that the accused sexually assaulted her and as the utensils were burning in the kitchen, he quickly reached there and she ran away to her home.
The complainant stated that the accused followed her and tried to enter her room but she immediately left and as soon as he came out she ran inside and closed the door after which he left. She later informed the matter to her university officials who informed the police.
Later, the police registered a case against the accused under IPC section 376 (rape) at a police station in Khanna town.
SSP Khanna Amneet Kaundal said the matter was brought to his notice around evening and the accused was arrested within hours.
(The identity of the victim has not been disclosed to protect her privacy as per the directions of the Supreme Court on matters relating to sexual harassment)