Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 review: This legal eagle moves smoothly

A scene from ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ season 2

In an article on the origins of Mickey Haller, author Michael Connelly states that the germ of the idea for a defense attorney who preferred to work out of a car rather than in an office came from several sources, including a librarian who saw a young Connelly reading If he wants to enjoy air conditioning in sultry Florida. The book Connelly read was by Harper Lee to kill a mockingbird, Haller shares some DNA with the upright attorney, Atticus Finch, just like the other defense attorneys endorsing the depressing things on our screens – Perry Mason.

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 (English)

creator: David E. Kelly

mold: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becky Newton, Jazz Recol, Angus Sampson, Christopher Gorham, Lana Grilla, Yaya Dacosta

episode: 5

run-time: 45 to 55 minutes

Story: A cantankerous chef is accused of murdering a rogue developer, and it’s time for Mickey Haller to step in

Connelly’s 2005 novel, lincoln lawyer, A film was made in 2011 starring Matthew McConaughey. Season 1 of David E. Kelly’s show of the same name is based on Connelly brass verdict (2008) while season 2 is based on 2011 fifth witness, Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to Part 1 of Season 2 – Splitting a season into two seems too much of a thing, just as Magician,

Season 2, like Season 1, begins with violence in a parking lot. Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) has been beaten up and the five episodes of Part 1 tell us how he got there. Following his success defending Trevor Elliot (Christopher Gorham), Haller’s practice is booming. Team Haller consists of his two ex-wives, criminal prosecutor Maggie McPherson (Neve Campbell), with whom he has a daughter, Hayley (Christa Warner), and Lorna Crane (Becky Newton), who basically takes over his business. There’s former junkie and Haller’s driver, Izzy (Jazz Recol), and her investigator and Lorna’s soon-to-be husband, Cisco (Angus Sampson).

As Lorna prepares for the wedding, she learns that Cisco is keeping a secret from her – perhaps returning to his biker days with the Road Saints Motorcycle Club. He has been taking cryptic calls from a biker friend, Kaz (DOUGLAS BENNETT), which upsets Lorna. Jesus Menendez (Saul Huezo) has a business that Haller neatly organizes before the big business arrives – Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla), is the last name a hint or a clue? Lisa, a chef and the last woman to fight against a real estate developer, is charged with his murder.

Lisa was seen near the crime scene and has been vocal against the developer’s gentrification project. Haller’s relationship with Lisa is also complicating matters. Criminal prosecutor Andy (Yaya DaCosta), is a formidable opponent and Haller has to try to find out what she’s hiding. Despite Haller explicitly telling Lisa not to hook up with podcaster Henry Dahl (Matt Angel), she does so for the best of reasons.

The five episodes move along as smoothly as Haller’s gorgeous Lincoln Town Car, outfitted with flashy personalized number plates. The acting is competent as is the writing and action. Whether it’s bright day or bright night, the expansive views of the City of Angels are mesmerizing. The music, though not all moody jazz—that would be for Haller’s half-brother, Hieronymus Bosch, is just as smooth. Part 1 of Season 2 has gone full circle to return to Holler badly beaten on the floor of a parking lot. And now we’ll have to wait until August 3rd to find out if Trammell turns out to be an unfortunate name.

The Lincoln Lawyer currently streams on Netflix