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In the past several reports have said that Elon Muskacquisition of, Twitter There has been a rise in hateful content. One such report cited researchers as saying that a series of content policy changes had “caused a dramatic increase in hateful, violent and misogynistic posts on the platform.”
a report of Bloomberg Said researchers at the Center for Countering Digital Hate claim that hate speech towards minority communities increased during Musk’s tenure. Another group, the NGO Anti-Defamation League, claimed increased reports of harassment and an increase in extremist content; And the organization Media Matters said that COVID-19 misinformation on Twitter increased under Musk.
“Musk has repeatedly said that there has been a decrease in hate speech on the platform, but we haven’t seen that based on the data we’ve studied. We’ve seen the opposite,” Kayla Gorgarty, deputy research director at Media Matters, was quoted as saying.
What is here CEO Linda Yacarino would say
According to Twitter CEO Linda Yacarino, the claims made in the Bloomberg article are not true. He wrote a strongly worded note on his handle saying that over 99% of the content users and advertisers see on Twitter is healthy. Here is his note:
A Bloomberg article today claims that harmful content seen on Twitter is on the rise, but this is simply not true. Here’s the truth – over 99% of the content users and advertisers see on Twitter is healthy.
Which means that only a small amount of material requires enforcement. But whatever the amount, we will continue to do everything possible to make this platform as safe and sound as possible.
The Bloomberg story aggregates a trove of inaccurate, misleading and out-of-date metrics, mostly from the period immediately following Twitter’s acquisition. It also lacks the all-important context other than mentioning important updates on our progress and actions.
Over the past 8 months, we’ve made progress in reducing the spread of hate speech, proactively preventing child abuse, and giving brands more control over where their ads appear – from proximity controls to third-party verification .
Every step of the way, Twitter has been more transparent about this work than other platforms, and groups outside of Twitter have validated our impact.
Recently we have expanded our Freedom of Speech Not Reach policy enforcement because we are seeing extraordinary results. For example, any Tweet labeled with this enforcement is restricted from scaling and experiences a dramatic drop in reach of over 80%, compared to a healthy Tweet. Additionally, we actively prevent all advertising from appearing near any content that is labeled as such.
And over the next two weeks, we’re further expanding our ad placement controls to better support the tremendous growth in video consumption on the platform. We are actively building out pre-bid inventory filtering which will allow for even more control over material adjacencies.
Every other forum will tell you that the job never got done. This is true for him and Twitter. But Twitter’s progress is real, we’ve been transparent about it, and we’re proud of it. And we just wanted you to know the facts.
Musk, who previously dismissed the claims in several such reports, responded to Yacarino’s note by saying, “Absolutely.”