Mac and Trees: Viral photos reveal 200 kilos of macaroni left in New Jersey forest

Last Update: May 04, 2023, 20:18 IST

A mysterious pasta dump was found in New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township. (Photo: Instagram)

A man shared photos of piles of food on Facebook in hopes of raising awareness of improper disposal practices.

Residents of Old Bridge Township in New Jersey were stunned when piles of macaroni and spaghetti were found dumped near a local creek. A concerned citizen, Nina Jochnowitz, shared photos of the pile of food on Facebook in the hopes of raising awareness of improper disposal practices in the area. As expected, the post went viral, with users sharing pictures of the pasta dump on various social media platforms. The incident also made its way to Twitter, where a user shared aerial shots of the disturbance and expressed his disbelief at the unusual discovery. It looks just as it sounds. A pile of macaroni was spread among the tall green trees. “Someone very mysteriously dumped 3-400 pounds of pasta in the woods in Old Bridge, NJ… I need to know everything,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet the user also shared, “I can hear my dad ranting about this with his friends on FaceTime and he said ‘and get this… next day there was meatballs on every stack ‘. by a group of hysterical 60+ year old Italian American man laughing,” the user said.

The viral post immediately caught the attention of locals, who were perplexed as to who could have dumped such a large amount of pasta in their neighbourhood. The mysterious pasta dump has left many people scratching their heads. While some called it a high crime among Italians, others were hoping to get their hands on some. Some helpful users tried to come up with theories as to how this could have happened. One Twitter user wrote, “I’m pretty sure this is considered a high crime among Italians. Pasta crimes have gone up along with pizza crimes.”

One comment read, “Can any of this be saved / Can you get some for me”.

One account tweeted, “Happened at Veterans Park. very strange There aren’t a lot of Italian restaurants around that area. My guess is that Moose Lodge would have done this. Often they have events.

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