Macron says France will send long-range missiles to Ukraine

France will provide SCALP long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine to help Kiev’s military.

Vilnius, Lithuania:

President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that France would provide SCALP long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine to help Kiev’s forces strike targets behind the Russian border.

Arriving at a NATO summit focused on Kiev’s fight against Moscow’s invasion, Macron said Paris would send SCALP missiles, already supplied by London under the name “Storm Shadow”.

Macron said the new missile deliveries were designed to allow Ukraine to strike “in depth” Russian occupation forces during a retaliatory strike to liberate its territory.

The SCALP/Storm Shadow is an Anglo-French weapon with a range of 250 kilometers (155 mi) – the longest of any Western weapon so far supplied to Ukraine – and Britain announced in May that it was preparing a batch of advanced Will supply arms, weapons.

Russia reacted with fury, warning that London risked being dragged into direct conflict, and even some Western allies worried that Kiev might launch attacks on Russia itself.

However, Macron indicated that Ukraine had pledged not to use SCALP against such targets, saying they were delivered “in line with our principle, ie to allow Ukraine to defend its territory”. Was.

Macron did not say how many missiles would be sent, but France is understood to have an arsenal of fewer than 400, according to specialist defense review DSI.

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