Maharashtra: Pankaja Munde refutes party’s claims asking her to resume politics

Maharashtra BJP leader and former minister Pankaja Gopinath Munde has denied reports circulating in a section of the media that the party has asked her to cancel her “break from politics” and resume her political activities.

A Marathi news channel, citing an English daily, reported that top BJP leaders in Delhi have urged Munde, who is in-charge of Madhya Pradesh, to be active as the central state is due for elections in a few months. .

Munde retweeted the news channel’s report on Wednesday evening, clarifying, “It is not factual at all.”

Earlier, on 7 July, Munde had announced plans to take a break from politics for “a month or two”, distressed by the repeated questioning of his integrity. He emphasized that his party would have to answer whether he had merit and only time would tell whether he was treated unfairly.

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Munde further pointed out that parts of his speeches were sometimes taken out of context, leading to speculation and misinterpretation by the media. This prompted her to decide to take a break “not from my work but from you (the media)”.

He also revealed that after his defeat in the 2019 Assembly elections from Parliament, his name came up for nomination to the Rajya Sabha and the Maharashtra Legislative Council on two occasions, but he was asked not to proceed at the last moment.

In addition, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA representing Vijayraghavgarh assembly constituency in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh announced that if 51 percent of the people of his constituency voted in his favor in a plebiscite organized by him He will contest the upcoming state assembly elections. This announcement was made by MLA Sanjay Pathak during a function organized on Tuesday. He said, “Printed slips will be distributed to the people of my constituency, giving them an option to choose between contesting or not contesting. I will contest only if more than 50 per cent people of my constituency are eligible to contest.” Would say yes.”