Mark Lukowski resigns: Google’s AR software chief resigns, here’s what he said on the reason for his resignation – Times of India

On Monday (July 10), Mark Lukowskihead of operating system GoogleThe Augmented Reality (AR) team announced via Twitter that they have left the company. He cited “a change in AR leadership and Google’s unsteady commitment and vision” as the reason for leaving.
In 2021, Lukowski became the head of Google’s OS team which focuses on augmented reality (AR) technology. Prior to his time at Google, he was at Facebook, where he served as general manager Oculus, In addition, Lukowski worked for Microsoft and VMware.
He is best known for his contributions to the creation and design of the Windows NT operating system, which served as the basis for all Windows versions since Windows XP.
“I have decided to step down from my role at Google, where I was Senior Director of Engineering, responsible for the OS and software platform for AR and XR devices. The recent change in AR leadership and Google’s unshakable commitment and vision have heavily influenced my decision,” writes Lukowski.
“Going forward, I look forward to exploring opportunities that allow me to advance augmented reality technology and its interconnection with generative AI,” Lukowski said in the tweet. “I look forward to the next chapter with excitement and anticipation for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”
Lukowski suggested that he might consider returning to Microsoft in response to a tweet from Eric Horwitz, Microsoft’s chief scientific officer, who asked if it was time for him to come home.
Google’s shaky commitment and approach to AR and XR
Lukowski’s departure is another blow to Google’s AR team, which has faced a number of challenges in recent months. These include job cuts and the resignation of Clay Beaver, who was previously in charge of VR at Google.
In June, a report revealed that Google has abandoned its plan to make AR glasses, which are called project iris, Additionally, the Enterprise Edition of google glass has been discontinued.