Meta lays off tech teams in new round of job cuts – Times of India

New Delhi: metaOwnership Facebook And Instagramannounced another round of mass firings on Wednesday, this time laying off engineers and people around Technique teams, reported Reuters.
The move is part of a cost-cutting drive that will eventually eliminate 10,000 positions at the company, announced by founder Mark Zuckerberg in March.
Another round of cuts is scheduled for May.
job cuts This comes at a time when global giants such as Amazon, Google and Twitter Amid fears of a recession, they are laying off employees on a large scale.
Meta became the first big tech company to announce a second round of funding in March lay offWhich said it will happen in three main batches over several months and will affect 10,000 employees.
Wednesday’s cut, though expected, prompted expressions of dismay from Meta employees.
The layoffs were the subject of the most popular questions posted on an internal company forum on Wednesday ahead of an upcoming employee town hall.
“You have shattered the morale and confidence in the leadership of many high performers who work intensely. Why should we stay in the meta?” read a query seen by Reuters.
Meta’s first round of layoffs in the fall affected more than 11,000 workers, or 13% of its workforce at the time, and other major tech companies shed thousands of workers after the pandemic-led boom in digital advertising and cloud computing .
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