Microsoft: Microsoft has reportedly laid off over 1,000 employees – Times of India

Microsoft The workforce has reportedly reduced by another 1,000 during the past week. A report claims that the latest layoffs are in addition to the 10,000 job cuts announced by the company earlier this year. Last week, the tech giant confirmed that it was eliminating additional jobs.
microsoft job cuts: Department Affected
Citing people familiar with the changes, a report by Business Insider claimed that the latest job cuts mostly affected sales and customer service departments. Engineering project managers and marketing departments have also been affected.
As part of the job cuts, Microsoft “closed” itsdigital sales and Success” group, a sales and customer service team. The company also eliminated the role of customer solutions manager and moved some employees to another role called customer success account management, the report said.
A person familiar with the changes was quoted as saying, “The focus is more on accelerating consumption than helping customers. What was promoted as one of the largest customer service groups in the industry is now struggling to meet demand.”
It is also being told that many managers were not aware of the job cuts and many of them came to know about the job cuts on the same day they were fired. Earlier, a Microsoft spokesperson had said that the move was aimed at organizational and workforce adjustments.
“Organizational and workforce adjustments are a necessary and routine part of managing our business. We will continue to prioritize and invest in strategic growth areas for our future and in support of our customers and partners,” the spokesperson said.
Apparently, the officials broadly offered no rationale for the changes. The report, citing internal messages, also suggests that some employees criticized Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s chief commercial officer, for not providing enough details about the layoffs. There are apprehensions that the digital sales and success team may be replaced by AI tools.
Job cuts in the Seattle area
Last week, another report claimed that Microsoft had cut 276 jobs in the Seattle area after laying off 158 employees from its Redmond, Washington headquarters last month, describing it as “a necessary and routine part of managing our business”.
Microsoft also told Washington state in a mandatory filing that it has laid off 210 employees and 66 remote workers in the state.