Minister pays a surprise visit to District Hospital in Dharwad

Labour Minister and district in-charge Santosh Lad paid a surprise visit to the District Hospital in Dharwad on Wednesday evening.

He reprimanded some doctors and staff for what he felt was dereliction of duty.

The Minister interacted with patients and their attendants in the hospital.

He said that the hospital is in disorder and that the officers are responsible for it. He noted that some patients have told him that the doctors are not available in the hospital during their duty hours.

He refused to accept any explanation from some doctors and said that there is no justification for lack of cleanliness and making available timely treatment to patients.

He observed that the doctors have been unable to provide him details like the total number of in-patients and out-patients in the hospital on any day.

He warned doctors and staff against being lax in their duties. He directed Deputy Commissioner Gurudatt Hegde to initiate action against doctors and staff who are found negligent.