Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha sacked in Rajasthan: In the assembly, the government was told to fail in the safety of women, removed after a few hours

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Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Rural Development Rajendra Singh Gudha has been sacked from the post of minister. Governor Kalraj Mishra accepted the recommendation of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Rajendra Singh Gudha was giving statements against CM Gehlot and the government for a long time.

On Friday, during the debate on the Minimum Income Guarantee Bill in the Assembly, Gudha accused his own government of failing in women’s safety. Congress MLAs waved placards in protest against the incident of women being paraded naked in Manipur.

On this, Gudha said- It is true in Rajasthan that we have failed in the safety of women. The way atrocities on women have increased in Rajasthan, instead of Manipur, we should look into our own backyard. After the dismissal of Gudha, now the place of a minister in the Gehlot Council of Ministers has become vacant. Now there is a possibility of cabinet reshuffle.

Leader of Opposition Rathore had said – the minister has exposed the government
On the allegation of Minister Gudha, Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore had said – The government runs with collective responsibility under Article 164 (2) of the Constitution. It is written in our constitution that if a minister of the government speaks, it means the whole government is speaking. The minister has exposed the government. I would congratulate him, but it is a shameful thing.

Dismissal decision after consulting the high command
Rajendra Gudha had given statements many times by going away from the party line for the last one year. The biggest basis was fixed on Friday for taking action in the party. Gudha added to the controversy by advising the Rajasthan government to look into its own backyard instead of the Manipur issue. The BJP started presenting Gudha’s statement in the assembly in Manipur’s counter on the basis of it.

According to sources, state in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa immediately sent the report to Delhi, talked to the high command. Along with this, Gehlot also consulted the high command, after getting the green signal, soon after Gudha’s statement in the assembly, the file to sack him was sent to the Raj Bhavan.

Gudha had said in Pilot’s meeting on June 15- Our government broke records of corruption
On May 15, on the concluding day of Sachin Pilot’s Ajmer to Jaipur yatra against the paper leak, Rajendra Gudha openly accused the government of corruption. Gudha had said that our government is steeped in corruption, has broken all records of corruption. The alignment of the government is bad.

This photo is of July 2 in Jaipur.  There was a meeting of AIMIM party chief Asaduddin Owaisi.  Gudha had met him before the meeting.

This photo is of July 2 in Jaipur. There was a meeting of AIMIM party chief Asaduddin Owaisi. Gudha had met him before the meeting.

Gudha can now leave Congress and start a new innings
Gudha has so far won elections from Udaipurvati on BSP ticket. In such a situation, this time also it is believed that he will not contest elections from Congress. Gudha had met Owaisi in Jaipur recently.

Gudha, a staunch supporter of Gehlot, came to the pilot camp a year and a half ago.
Rajendra Gudha was a staunch supporter of CM Ashok Gehlot, but since a year and a half ago, the distance between him and the CM started. Gudha came close to Pilot and for the last one and a quarter years he was continuously in support of Pilot. He made fierce statements against the government and the CM. During Gehlot’s previous government, Rajendra Gudha had played a big role in getting six BSP MLAs including himself merged with Congress. Even in the year 2018, as soon as the Gehlot government was formed, all the six BSP MLAs including Gudha had supported the Gehlot government. Later in September 2019, all the 6 MLAs had merged with the Congress.

Didn’t take charge for a long time after being made Minister of State
After the merger, six MLAs who came from BSP to Congress were not given posts for a long time. This was also a major reason for growing resentment. In November 2021, Rajendra Gudha was made the Minister of State. He was angry at being made the Minister of State, due to which he did not even take charge in the Secretariat for a long time. Rajendra Gudha was the Minister of State in Gehlot’s previous tenure as well, so he was angry with it.

Gudha said – I was punished for speaking the truth
After being sacked, Rajendra Singh Gudha has attacked the government and CM Gehlot. Gudha said- Rajasthan is number one in women atrocities and this feat happened during the tenure of Gehlot government. It is true and I have been punished for speaking the truth. I have no attachment to the post of minister, the public is watching everything. I was used and thrown out like a fly when I was no longer needed. I supported Gehlot, but will think a hundred times before supporting this man in the future.

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