Mirrorless Cameras Have Killed The DSLR Market In Most Countries And India Will Be Next – News18

Last Updated: August 25, 2023, 11:17 IST

Mirrorless cameras are the present and future of the market, says Fujifilm

Mirrorless cameras have taken over the market in most countries in the next few years India will also see the end of the DSLR cameras.

The mirrorless cameras segment has grown drastically in the past few years, so much that countries like the US and the European region have seen the end of the Digital Single Reflex or DSLR cameras. Going by the estimates of camera brands, India could be the next to see the DLSR market killed, thanks to mirrorless cameras’ wide availability and reach.

Fujifilm is one of those brands that has catered to the changing demands, not only in terms of the technology but also the features that narrow the gap between the compactness of a smartphone and the high-performance levels of a standard lens camera.

Arun Babu, Head of Division – Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices at Fujifilm India, claims that by 2025 India will see the last bits of the DSLR cameras, which seems to be the common theme among all manufacturers lately. But he doesn’t believe that smartphones will take over the space, instead, people will realise that where a phone’s camera stops improving, the mirrorless camera will show its true worth.

Speaking to News18 Tech on the sidelines of a launch event, Babu also pointed out that consumers now want a pocket-sized fully functional camera that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket but, gradually, we’re seeing the numbers come to a more manageable level. “People now know that cameras are evolving, and having features like video recording with advanced features is no longer a luxury but a necessity,” he pointed out during our chat.

The company has a strong footing in a market where the usual suspects are Nikon and Canon but Fujifilm is not concerned about the competition as it knows that people who opt for the brand do so for its colours and natural progression in imagery.

It also has film simulations that have their own fans out there but when quizzed about plans for a full-frame sensor affordable product, Babu opined that its existing product strategy has been a success and they don’t seem very keen on diverting from the formula that has served them well in the market.