Misbehavior with air hostess, ban on passenger for two years: Air India requests DGCA to put on no flying list

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Airlines said – If such people travel in flight, then it is a threat to the safety of the crew members as well as the passenger.

Air India has banned a passenger for two years for misbehaving with crew members. This incident happened last month when a passenger on a Delhi-London flight started fighting with crew members. He also assaulted them. In which 2 crew members were also injured. Air India has requested DGCA to put the guilty person on the no flying list.

Along with crew members, there is also a threat to the safety of passengers
After the incident came to light, Air India investigated the entire matter and the management found that the behavior of the guilty person was very bad. If such people travel in flight, then it is a threat to the safety of the crew members as well as the passengers. The committee has decided that the convict is banned from flying in India for the next two years.

delhi to london flight incident
This incident is of 10 April. When AI-111 flight took off from Delhi to Heathrow in London. After takeoff, the passenger started misbehaving. The staff in the plane warned him repeatedly but the passenger continued to misbehave. After this the flight returned back to Delhi at 10.30 am.

The airline lodged a complaint against the passenger at the Delhi Airport Police Station. The police had registered an FIR and taken the accused into their custody. According to Delhi Police, the name of the convicted person is Jaskirat Singh (25 years) who is a resident of Kapurthala Punjab. He was going to London with his parents.

The plane was flying near Peshawar
According to real-time flight tracking app Flightradar24, the Air India plane was flying near Peshawar in Pakistan when the decision was taken to bring it back to Delhi.

Air India CEO said- complaints are received every day
Air India CEO Campbell Wilson said in an interview in February that airline crew often face misbehavior from passengers while on duty. Not a day goes by when we don’t get such reports. There has been a decline in the behavior of passengers in flight.

Now understand what is no flying list…

Directorate General of Civil Aviation ie DGCA is a regulatory body of the government, which regulates civil aviation. It mainly investigates aircraft accidents and other incidents. Under provisions 22, 23 and 29 of the Indian Aircraft Rules, 1937, the DGCA can de-board and de-board passengers who are found to have created a ruckus, consumed excessive alcohol or abused aircraft.

Provision 22 states that assaulting or threatening a crew member, whether physically or verbally, would amount to interference with the duty of that crew member. By doing so, the passenger can be prevented from boarding the aircraft. Refusal to comply with security measures in the aircraft also falls in this category.

Provision 23 states that if a passenger under the influence of alcohol or drugs endangers the safety of the plane or any person, he can be taken off the plane.

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