Muslim woman makes Ganesha idols, spreads unity message | Hubballi News – Times of India

HUBBALLI: A Muslim woman sculptor has become a symbol of communal harmony in Hubballi, by making eco-friendly Ganesha idols.
It is rare that non-Hindu idol-makers are involved in making Ganesha idols. But for Suman Haveri, 27, idol-making is not only to earn money, but also to spread the message of unity.
Suman, a native of Hangal, has been living in Hubballi for the past few years. Her husband is a daily-wage worker.
She makes the idols at a shed in Gopankoppa, Sai Layout, along with the team of sculptor Anoop Yadav.
“I came to Hubballi city a few years ago, after my wedding. I was looking for a job to make ends meet. When I approached Arun Yadav, he offered me work in his team to make idols. Initially, I did not accept it since I had no idea about idol making. However, training helped me sharpen my skills. As I also wanted to send a message of unity, I have been making Ganesha idols for the past four years, and will continue it. I can make 1-2 small-sized Ganesha idols in a day. People are praising my work,” she said.
“I put in a lot of effort to learn how to make idols like preparing the clay, using paper, carving out idols, and related skills of idol-making. Though it was a tough task, I managed to master necessary skills over the years,” she said.
Yadav said: “Suman works 7-8 hours daily, and also helps other artists in giving final touches to idols. We get a special variety of clay called ‘Porbandar Mitti’ from Gujarat to make eco-friendly idols by mixing paper. All our customers have been encouraging and supporting Suman,” he added.