Mystery of death is in Akanksha’s call details: party at night, happy in video, then why suicide? Investigation entangled in summer and 4 questions

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  • Party at night, happiness in video, then why suicide? No alcohol in the stomach, brown chemical was found… heat and investigation got entangled in 4 questions

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Akanksha Dubey… Age 27 years… Actor, Performer, Entertainer.. Wish me 21 October. This is Akanksha’s bio on Instagram. Here he had 19 lakh followers. But on March 26, the Insta star said goodbye to reel and real life forever with suicide.

Akanksha’s body was found hanging from the fan in room number-105 of Hotel Somendra, Sarnath in Varanasi. The body was in a sitting position on the bed. There was a loop of scarf around the neck. It’s been 15 days since the suicide. Accused Bhojpuri singer Samar Singh has been arrested. But Akanksha’s suicide… has become a mystery. Today in Sunday Big Story, Akanksha Dubey Suicide Mystery… read the truth of room number-105..

Why did Akanksha commit suicide? Was she in a relationship? Did Samar Singh cheat on her? Did someone instigate Akanksha to commit suicide? Akanksha was normal before suicide, then why was she suddenly forced to commit suicide? There are many such questions, which are no less than a mystery for the fans of Police and Akanksha.

  • Let’s open the layers of links, questions, points of investigation, postmortem report related to this suicide mystery and know the truth…

What happened the night before the party? What’s in the CCTV footage and postmortem report? know..

There have been shocking revelations in Akanksha’s postmortem report. The night (March 25) when Akanksha’s body was found hanging, she had returned from a party. She was looking happy in the CCTV footage related to this. But she was very sad in the live video that surfaced after some time.

The bill for the night party came to Rs 11,000. It was done by Akanksha. According to the postmortem report, neither food was found in Akanksha’s stomach, nor any liquid nor alcohol was found in the breathing space. Brown chemical has been found in his stomach. Which has been sent to Lucknow Forensic Lab for investigation. Akanksha’s mucus membrane of stomach was found choked.

Samar told- there was a talk of 5 to 6 seconds that night
After the arrest, Samar Singh has told the police that he had talked to Akanksha for only 5 to 6 seconds on the night of March 25. Akanksha got a call from him. But there was a lot of noise, so we could not talk. Not only this, he also said that I used to talk to Akanksha only in connection with work. We looked good in front of the camera. But there was no concern in real life.

Samar said I never thought that Akanksha would commit suicide. If anything was felt, I would have come from Gorakhpur to Varanasi and explained it to him. Two youths from Varanasi and Mumbai were more close to Akanksha than us. They also used to have regular talks. Police can also see it from call details.

Police has extracted mobile call details of Akanksha, Samar Singh and Sanjay. According to sources, some important clues have been found in its investigation. However, even after 15 days, the police has not shared its information. To whom did Akanksha make the last call? This too was not disclosed. Akanksha’s lawyer has said that he will request to place the mobile details before the court.

Now in 6 slides, know what Akanksha did before suicide…?
So far 4 videos related to actress Akanksha have appeared. The first is from the Malikunj Club, a few hours before his death. In this she is seen dancing with friends. The second is to open his hotel room with the master key without the presence of the police. Now read them one by one.

In all the videos found so far, Akanksha is normal…then why suicide?

  • In the Akanksha suicide case, after one video after the other, the mystery of death is getting complicated. In all the videos that have surfaced, she looks absolutely normal. In such a situation, the question is getting deeper that what happened in a few hours that Akanksha committed suicide.
  • Police say that Akanksha has committed suicide. This thing is being stabilized from the postmortem report to the evidence found on the spot. But what was the reason? Under what pressure? Why did you take such a step? The answers to these questions have not been found.

Let us now understand each and every episode of Akanksha Suicide Mystery in installments…

  • Episode 1 – Allegations of cheating in love and Samar’s arrest

Akanksha Dubey’s mother has accused Bhojpuri singer Samar Singh of cheating on her in a relationship with her daughter. Since then Varanasi police was searching for Samar Singh all over the country. Finally, on the 13th day, the police caught Samar from Nandgram area of ​​Ghaziabad.

NBW was issued against accused singer Samar Singh and his brother Sanjay Singh. Preparations for attachment were also going on against him. Earlier, a lookout notice was also issued. However, the police have not been able to reach Sanjay yet. He is absconding.

This is the footage of Akanksha's last reel before suicide.  He had uploaded it on social media a few hours before the suicide.

This is the footage of Akanksha’s last reel before suicide. He had uploaded it on social media a few hours before the suicide.

  • Second episode – daughter’s suicide, mother’s complaint

Akanksha’s mother Madhu Dubey’s lawyer Shashank Shekhar Tripathi has requested for investigation under the supervision of the court. The petition has given information about the relationship between Akanksha Dubey and Samar Singh. It is told that the accused was in a live-in-relationship with Akanksha for 3 years.

Accused Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh have also approached the High Court. His lawyer Rajesh Pratap Singh had registered the petition in the High Court on 5 April, which was accepted on 6 April.

Akanksha’s mother Madhu Dubey says that I will meet Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the arrest and punishment of the accused in Akanksha’s death. Bulldozer will be run at the house of Samar Singh and his brother Sanjay Singh. If I don’t get justice, I will commit suicide.

  • Third episode – Mother narrated her daughter’s tragedy

Akanksha’s mother Madhu Dubey says that “Samar was torturing the daughter for 3 years. He did not pay money for working in films. During this, photos and videos were recorded, which he used to threaten to go viral. Whenever Akanksha asked him for the money for the work, he used to beat her. Used to beat up even after working in someone else’s film or song.

Mother Madhu alleged that “During the shooting of the film in Basti, Sanjay Singh had threatened to kill Akanksha on the phone. Actually, Sanjay Singh had bought a car. Akanksha jokingly said that on the earnings of others Enjoy a lot Sanjay had threatened to kill Akanksha by calling on this matter.

The lawyer has raised many questions on the post mortem report.

The lawyer has raised many questions on the post mortem report.

  • Episode 4 – Suicide and police investigation

Additional CP Santosh Singh says that preliminary investigation seems to be a case of suicide, as the door was locked from inside. An FIR has been registered under section 306 (abetment to suicide) against 4 people including singer Samar Singh on mother’s Tahrir. All the evidence is being collected. The call details of his mobile have also been taken out by the police.

On March 26, Sunday, the body of 27-year-old Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey was found in room number-105 at Somendra Hotel in Sarnath police station. The make-up man called her on Sunday morning. On not picking up the call, he reached the hotel. The door of the room was closed. Akanksha had not even ordered breakfast since morning.

The lawyer raised questions on Akanksha’s postmortem report, how is the injury on the wrist? What is the substance found in the stomach? Police have found in the investigation that Akanksha was in a live-in relationship with singer Samar Singh. Some time ago both of them had a breakup. It is possible that because of summer, Akanksha must have been under mental pressure.

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