NCP chief Sharad Pawar took back his resignation, said- ‘I cannot insult your sentiments’. Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: Sharad Pawar on Friday withdrew his resignation from the post of national president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

“I am withdrawing my decision,” he announced at a press conference.
“I cannot insult your sentiments. Because of your love, I am respecting the demand for withdrawal of my resignation and the resolution passed by senior leaders of NCP. I resign from the post of National President of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Withdraw my decision.”

Pawar speaks at a press conference at YB Chavan ground in Mumbai on Friday – Sanjay Hadkar (TOI)

Earlier, as the NCP panel constituted to choose the next party president announced on Friday that it has unanimously rejected Sharad Pawar’s decision to step down, excited NCP workers celebrated outside the organisation’s office. They burst firecrackers, raising slogans of “Ekch Saheb” (There is only one master).
When asked about Ajit Pawar’s absence at the press conference, Pawar said, “Not everyone can be present at a press conference”. Therefore, it is not correct to raise the question of who is present here and who is not or to seek meaning, he said.
“Everyone cannot attend a press conference. Some are here and others are not. But this morning senior party leaders unanimously took a decision and conveyed it to me. Everyone expressed their feelings through this. expressed.” Decision. Therefore, it is not correct to raise the question of who is here and who is not, or to seek meaning. ncp chief Said.

“Others are here. The committee took this decision and after their decision I took back my decision. Everyone is united and discussing it. There are senior leaders in the committee,” Pawar said.
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