NCT’s Chenle shares update about member Taeil’s motorcycle accident; fans angry at agency SM Entertainment

Image Source : INSTAGRAM NCT’s Chenle shares update about member Taeil’s motorcycle accident

It was recently announced that NCT‘s Taeil would be suspending activities after a motorcycle accident. While the official statement from SM Entertainment was vague, fellow member Chenle has gained attention for clarifying more details of the incident, and now netizens are even angrier at the company. While SM Entertainment was vague with its article, fellow member Chenle did a Weibo live broadcast and spoke about the accident. Unsurprisingly, Chenle shared his worry about his fellow member.

I was so worried about him that day because I had a schedule with him at the same time. I heard it (the news) earlier than the others. Of course, it wasn’t shocking to hear that Chenle was very worried about Taeil, and the idol went on to share more serious parts of the accident that hadn’t been revealed by SM Entertainment.

In particular, he included the fact that Taeil had been seemingly unconscious at the time, as he explained, “Taeil came back to consciousness.” In the initial report from SM Entertainment, there was no real look at the cause, but Chenle emphasized that the accident wasn’t due to Taeil.

The idol then went on to explain that it was the fault of the other party as he had heard that someone ran a red light and hit Taeil while he was riding his motorbike.

It’s that someone ran a red light and hit him, I heard. So be sure to obey the traffic rules because if you don’t obey the traffic rules and have an accident, it will harm others or yourself. We should be responsible to ourselves and to others, so be careful.”

When the video was posted, fans couldn’t hide their anger at SM Entertainment. In the reports shared by the company, there was a lot of vagueness, with some fans even thinking the lack of detail made it seem like Taeil could’ve been in the wrong and not even explaining the true seriousness of the accident.

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