Nikki Haley raises $7 million despite polling less than Trump, DeSantis – Times of India

Washington: Republican presidential candidate nikki haley Despite continued low turnout numbers, it raised $26 million in the second quarter, including $7.3 million in direct donations, demonstrating donor support.
The Stand for America Fund Inc., a super PAC supporting Haley, raised $18.7 million from April to June, bringing their total to $26 million.
The $7.3 million in direct donations announced by his campaign on Monday is far less than the fundraising amount announced by Florida’s governor last week. Ron DeSantis and former president Donald TrumpHaley’s two rivals for the GOP nomination.
Still, those totals indicate that Haley has the financial backing to continue running in a crowded Republican field.
Trump’s campaign said last week that it raised more than $35 million in the second quarter as small dollar donors poured money into the former president’s bid despite facing two indictments. DeSantis’ campaign raised over $20 million. Both have yet to report second quarter totals from their affiliated super PACs.
Campaigns are required to report detailed information on their fundraising totals and expenditures to the Federal Election Commission by July 15. These figures will be the first detailed look at campaign finances and indicate that the Republican has the support of key GOP-supporters and the financial means to be a viable candidate.
Haley, a former South Carolina governor, served as ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, but has criticized him since becoming the candidate, particularly over his stance on Ukraine. He has also attacked DeSantis for being an “echo” of Trump’s positions and mannerisms. Haley is seen as a more moderate alternative to both Trump and DeSantis and has support in the business community.
Trump remains the top choice for Republicans, garnering the support of 53% of voters in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. DeSantis is the only other candidate polling in double digits with 20.9%. Haley’s polling average is 3.6%, ranking her fourth behind the former Vice President. mike pence,
Haley was the first Republican to announce a challenge to Trump, giving her more time than many of her rivals to raise funds. His campaign said he had $9.3 million in cash, while his super PAC had $17 million in the bank.