Nirav Modi’s difficulties increased: British Supreme Court will not be able to go against extradition, London High Court said – no need for appeal now

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  • Nirav Modi’s appeal dismissed. Nirav Modi loses to take extradition fight to UK Supreme Court

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Fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi will not be able to approach the UK Supreme Court regarding extradition to India. On Thursday, the London High Court refused to give Nirav the relief of appeal to the Supreme Court. The extradition order was also given by the London High Court. He wanted to go to the Supreme Court against this. Now after the rejection of the application, the process of bringing Nirav to India has become easier.

Earlier, a two-judge bench of the High Court had dismissed Nirav Modi’s appeal in which he appealed against extradition to India. In his appeal, Nirav appealed not to send himself to India, citing his poor mental condition.

what is possible next

  • The legal avenues for Nirav Modi are almost closed. This means that he can no longer challenge the case of extradition, at least in any UK court. Yes, there may be some issues regarding human rights in Britain.
  • Now the British Government (Home Ministry) can stop his extradition. But, if she does this, then the Government of India can challenge this too in the Supreme Court there. Overall, it is certain that Nirav will come to India. However, it may take a few more months.
  • On the other hand, there is every possibility that the British government, desperate for a free trade agreement with India, would not want to incur India’s displeasure by stopping extradition. Therefore, now there will be no diplomatic barriers in bringing Nirav to India.
  • There is a possibility that Nirav should seek political asylum from the Rishi Sunak government of Britain. However, being an economic offender, relief is almost impossible here too.
  • Modi also has an option of appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights. According to a British legal expert – it is difficult to say for how long he will be handed over to India, because he is rich and will try his best to hang the case through lawyers. Now this fight is more of diplomacy than legal.
After the Westminster Court, the hearing of the case was currently going on in the High Court.

After the Westminster Court, the hearing of the case was currently going on in the High Court.

Nirav’s arguments were rejected by the High Court
Earlier, the judge of the London High Court had accepted that all the things mentioned by Nirav in his appeal are unnecessary. The court had accepted that there is no risk of his suicide in sending him to India. The court had also rejected those things said in his appeal that it would be unjust to send him to India.

The court said that it is better that he should be sent to India to be a part of the legal process. Please tell that Nirav Modi is the main accused in the PNB scam and he is accused of a bank scam of $ 2 billion. Nirav Modi is lodged in a London jail.

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