No cash, no card: Amazon brings palm-based payments to grocery stores – Times of India

soon, customer whole Foods Now stores in the United States will no longer require you to carry your wallet when buying groceries. Amazon has announced that all Whole Foods locations in the US will soon be equipped amazon forestPalm Payment System.
Amazon One is a biometric technology that allows customers to pay for items at stores by holding their palm up, and all they have to do is place it over a scanning device. So in order to pay with their palm, shoppers must first link their palm to the stored credit card. Once this is done, they can simply wave their hand at the kiosk and make the payment.
Initially implemented in its Go cashier-less stores, Amazon later introduced its technology to Whole Foods supermarkets. Amazon One is currently available at more than 200 Whole Foods locations, and the company plans to expand to all nearly 500 stores by the end of this year.
Not only grocery stores but various places have implemented Amazon’s palm reading technology, including stadiums, entertainment venues and travel retailers. Hudsoncrew, and Om at many US airports.
This is how Amazon’s palm-reading payment technology works
Your hands are unique in themselves. Therefore, Amazon designed a device that creates a unique signature by reading the unique characteristics of the palm. These features are both above and below the surface, and many of them are impossible to see with the naked eye or a regular camera.
Using advanced imaging and computer vision algorithms, Amazon One captures and encrypts the image of your palm in seconds. This information is used to create your personalized palm signature, which Amazon One can read every time you use it.
Amazon uses One Palm because it has a number of unique features that make it a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use option for your profile.
Your palm is unique to you, as no two are alike, and its features change slightly over time. Your palm is personal and private; Only you can decide when to rotate it. Additionally, Amazon One can recognize your palm in seconds, once it’s enrolled you don’t have to touch anything, making it easy to use.
Amazon says they treat your palm signature with the same care as other sensitive personal data. The company promises that no user data is stored on the device and is always secure.