North Andhra Muslim JAC says Uniform Civil Code should not be implemented in a hurry

Former MLA SA Rahman addressing a press conference in Visakhapatnam on Friday. , Photo Credit: V Raju

The greatness of India lies in its unity in diversity. North Andhra Muslim JAC leaders said the BJP government’s attempt to hastily pass the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) ahead of elections is a farce, which undermines India’s pluralism and its cultures.

Uniformity can be maintained, but personal laws of different religions should not be touched. There is a need for equality within the community, but not between different communities, he said at a media conference here on Friday.

Former MLA SA Rehman said the UCC should not be seen from the perspective of Hindu-Muslim divide as it would have far-reaching implications. For example, tribals follow diverse traditions and cultures. Then there were other religions like Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism, which follow different traditions. “Before going ahead with the plan, there should be a comprehensive discussion and a broad consensus should be reached. The Supreme Court had also ruled against mixing religion and state power. In any case, a decision on this should be taken only after the next general election,” he said.

Dr. Rehman alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who chants the mantra of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ during foreign tours, sings a different tune in India. He alleged that keeping in mind the vote bank politics, the BJP has now raised the UCC issue. “This is not the time for UCC. This issue can be taken up after extensive discussion with all communities and all sections of people on the basis of the recommendations of the Law Commission of India.

GVMC Councilor Mohd. Sadiq recalled that the First Law Commission had noted in 1834 that no uniformity could be ensured in the matter of marriage, divorce, adoption and succession as these were based on four personal laws. He said that UCC is a sensitive issue and it is wrong to bring it before the general elections. It also violates Articles 25, 26 and 29 of the Constitution.

Advocate IM Ahmed wondered how the Center would implement the UCC without coming out with a draft. He demanded that the Center should release the draft and hold a comprehensive debate on it before going ahead with the resolution.