Now You Can Send HD Photos On WhatsApp, Announces Mark Zuckerberg – Watch

New Delhi: Mark Zuckerberg recently shared exciting news on his Instagram broadcast channel, unveiling a new upgrade that is set to revolutionize the way users share visual content on WhatsApp. With a continuous commitment to improving user experience, WhatsApp now allows for the seamless sharing of high-definition (HD) photos. This new feature promises to elevate the quality of shared images, enhancing the overall communication experience for users worldwide.

In a shared video, it appears that users will have option to choose to send the photo as high definition or as standard definition. Therefore, if you don’t want to send photo in hd, the app gives the option to send in lower quality when internet connect isn’t good or you don’t want to fill up someone else’s memory.

How To Send HD Photos On WhatsApp

Step 1: Update WhatsApp: Ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed from your app store.

Step 2: Select a Photo: Open a chat and choose a photo you want to share.

Step 3: Tap “HD” Button: Look for the new “HD” button at the top of the photo-sharing screen and tap it.

Step 4: Choose Quality: A pop-up appears with quality options. Default is “Standard Quality” for fast sharing. Select “HD Quality” for higher definition.

Step 5: Send: Confirm your quality choice and share the photo as usual. Your recipient will receive it in the chosen quality.

With these quick steps, you can seamlessly share photos in either standard or high definition, enhancing your communication experience on WhatsApp.

Earlier, WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Message

Moreover, WhatsApp is expanding its repertoire of multimedia communication tools by introducing instant video messages. While voice messages have already transformed the way people interact on the platform, video messages take it a step further. Users can now effortlessly record and share short personal videos directly within their chats, making real-time communication even more engaging.

These instant video messages provide a dynamic way to respond to chats, allowing users to convey their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through a 60-second video clip. From heartfelt birthday wishes to sharing a joyful laugh, the possibilities are endless. This feature is poised to bridge the emotional gap in virtual communication, bringing the warmth and authenticity of video to every interaction.

Sending a video message is remarkably intuitive, mirroring the process of sending a voice message. A simple tap switches to video mode, while holding down the record button captures the video. The option to swipe up and record hands-free adds convenience to the process. Videos open automatically on mute within the chat, and tapping on the video starts the sound, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.