Over 500 million cyber attacks blocked in India in Q1 2023: Report

New Delhi: India intercepted over 500 million cyber attacks out of 1 billion global attacks, representing a sharp increase of over 29 percent in the number of cyber attacks in Q1, 2023 as compared to Q4 2022 (829 million attacks) Well, a new global report came on Wednesday.

According to application security SaaS firm IndusFace, on an average the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) sector faced 38 per cent more attacks per application than the industry average, with over 9,73,000 attacks per website. ,Also Read: Apple iPhone 16 Series Display Details Leaked: Check Possible Price, Specifications, and Other Information,

“It is interesting to see how industries such as BFSI and healthcare are more targeted by vulnerabilities and bot attacks. Clearly, attackers are more interested in Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from these sectors. SaaS and Manufacturing including other industries are more targeted by DDoS attacks,” said Ashish Tandon, CEO of IndusFace. ,Also Read: Realme 11 Pro+ 5G to launch in India soon: Check price, specifications and more,

Furthermore, the report noted that cyber attacks were particularly alarming for the Indian insurance sector, where it was found that 11 percent of all requests to insurance websites were attacked and this number was just as high as the industry average. 4 percent.

In Q1 2023, approximately 1,287 applications were attacked by bots, compared to 743 applications in Q4 2022, a 73 percent increase.

Compared to the industry average, BFS and insurance companies received 75 percent and 33 percent more bot attacks, respectively.