Pathankot lost connectivity with Himachal: Chakki bridge damaged, closed; Attempt to tie Ghaggar failed, people of 7 villages in trouble

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Amritsar29 minutes ago

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Village Fausa Mandi surrounded by water.

The flood situation in Punjab is out of control. After Malwa, now Majha is also in the grip of flood. The Chakki bridge connecting Pathankot to Himachal Pradesh has been closed for some time. Actually, the foundation of this bridge has been damaged due to the flow of water. At the same time, the Kartarpur corridor has also been closed for the next 3 days. Now the devotees will not be able to visit Sri Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan for the next 3 days.

On the other hand, Bhundad village situated on the Haryana-Punjab border is also unable to emerge from the flood situation. In Bhundad village under Sardulgarh, the work of filling the cracks on the Ghaggar is going on, but sand and soil bags are not able to survive. The local people have asked the administration and service organizations to provide them nets, so that the water flow of Ghaggar can be stopped by tying gunny bags with each other.

Makoda port village situated on the other side of Ravi.

Makoda port village situated on the other side of Ravi.

Makoda port still cut off from Punjab
The water of the Ravi river is still under control and the flow is also normal, but in spite of this the village Makoda port and 7 nearby villages have been cut off from Gurdaspur. There is no connectivity either by road or by water. Army boats are going to the villages to evacuate the elderly, children and the sick.

People surrounded by water in Fausa Mandi
Fausa Mandi, which comes under Sardulgarh, has become an island at this time. This village is also completely surrounded by water from all sides. Seeing the boat coming, people are seen crying for help from a distance. Children and elderly people are being evacuated from here by the Army and NDRF.

A youth trying to build a dam on the Ghaggar in village Bhundad.

A youth trying to build a dam on the Ghaggar in village Bhundad.

travel suspended for 3 days
Cabinet Minister Kuldeep Dhariwal had also reached Dera Baba Nanak on the previous day to see the situation in Gurdaspur. Dhariwal told that at present the yatra has been stopped for 3 days. The road built to connect with Pakistan has been submerged in water. This decision has been taken so that the devotees do not face any problem.

This is the second time that the pilgrimage to Sri Kartarpur Sahib has been stopped. Earlier this journey was stopped after the lockdown at the time of Corona.

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