PM Modi will inaugurate Global Buddhism Summit today: 180 delegates from 30 countries will attend, Dalai Lama arrives in Delhi

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  • 180 delegates from 30 countries will come, Dalai Lama arrives in Delhi

New Delhi2 hours ago

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the inaugural session of the Global Buddhist Summit on Thursday. The two-day summit is being jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and the International Buddhist Confederation. Buddhist religious leader Dalai Lama has reached Delhi on Thursday to attend the conference. The conference to be held on April 20-21 at Ashok Hotel in the capital will be inaugurated at 10 am. This will be followed by the Prime Minister’s address. Delegates from around 30 countries and around 180 delegates from foreign countries and 150 delegates from Indian Buddhist organizations will participate in the summit. Eminent scholars, union leaders and followers of the religion from all over the world will also participate in it.

Contemporary challenges will be discussed
The summit will discuss how to deal with contemporary challenges with the help of Buddhist philosophy and thought. This global summit will underline India’s relevance and importance in Buddhism, as Buddhism originated in India. The theme of the two-day Global Buddhist Summit is ‘Responding to Contemporary Challenges: From Philosophy to Practice’.

Will find solution in Buddhism
The delegates attending the conference will discuss the major global issues of today and find solutions in the Buddha’s Dhamma. Buddha Dhamma and Peace, Buddha Dhamma Environmental Crisis, Health and Sustainability, Conservation of Nalanda Buddhist Tradition and Buddha Dhamma Pilgrimage, Living Heritage and Buddha Relics, and India’s Centuries-old Partnership with Countries in South, South-East and East Asia A strong foundation of cultural relations etc. will be discussed.

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