PM’s latest foreign trip exemplifies ‘immense respect’ for India among world leaders: BJP

PM Modi and PM Albanese’s bilateral talks in Sydney focused on deepening bilateral ties and exploring investment opportunities. (Image: Twitter/@narendramodi)

BJP leader and Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that during his five-day visit to Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia, the Prime Minister participated in three major global events – G7, QUAD and FIPIC.

The BJP on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent foreign trip exemplified the “immense respect and goodwill” between him and world leaders for India and asked opposition parties to celebrate the country’s progress.

BJP leader and Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said the Prime Minister participated in three major global events – G7, QUAD and FIPIC – during his five-day visit to Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

“The visit was replete with examples that exemplify the utmost respect and goodwill for India and the Prime Minister of India among the world’s leading nations and leaders,” he said at a press conference here. Opposition parties should celebrate the progress of the country and be part of the efforts. He said, “Insulting our development, creating hurdles and using every opportunity to try to reverse the mission of our Prime Minister and his goal of making a developed India is being taken instead of taking it forward.” Is.”

He said, “The Prime Minister had 40 meetings during his foreign trip and met more than two dozen world leaders.” Respect that few global leaders have received so far.

Chandrasekhar underlined that the renaming of Sydney’s Harris Park to Little India was another honor accorded to India during his visit abroad. He claimed, “During his visit to these countries, the front pages of most newspapers and other media were filled with stories about his visit and his summit.”

The BJP leader said people across the world are recognizing Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, but those in the opposition have raised questions over the handling of the country’s economy during the Covid pandemic, and “created fear about Indian vaccines, foreign vaccines”. pushed for and resisted.” Helping other countries with our vaccines”.

“After hearing how he spoke about India at the global diaspora meeting in Australia, rising from fifth economy to top three in the world and its future, I draw your attention to the shameless habit of our opposition politicians like Rahul Gandhi I want to And their accomplices who use profanity and lies, not only insult our Prime Minister and our government, but also our country, democracy and institutions, including the press and judiciary. He said, indirectly targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Referring to allegations by opposition parties on Electronic Voting Machines, he said there is “a studied silence on all those allegations” after the Karnataka elections.

The Congress won 135 seats in the 224-member Karnataka Assembly elections held on May 10. BJP had won 65 seats and JD(S) 19 seats.

Chandrasekhar said as a world leader who “was born poor, Prime Minister Modi is an inspiration and leader to the countries and people of the world who continue to struggle”.

“It is undeniable that PM Modi’s leadership and his diplomatic efforts have played a huge role in the progress of our country,” he said. Opposition parties should celebrate India’s progress and be part of the efforts being made to take India forward.

He said that in a world where nations are competing for recognition and respect, it is important to project an accurate and positive image of India’s progress.

Chandrasekhar said, “Imagine what it means to touch Modi’s feet in respect of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea… Imagine Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese calling Prime Minister Modi the boss…”

He said, “The goodwill and respect shown by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins, when he went to Australia to meet PM Modi.” These are rare occurrences which are the result of hard work, dedication and commitment of Prime Minister Modi. , said the Union Minister.

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